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  1. Criminal Defense
    We represent clients at all stages of their criminal case. We will be honest and straightforward, and speak to you in plain language about your case. We will give you a realistic understanding of how your case will unfold and your chances of success, as well as the legal options and solutions at our disposal.
  2. Family Law
    We understand the frustration and anxiety that often comes with facing complex family law issues. You can count on us to be there with you at every step, fighting to protect your interests. We provide personalized service to every client.
  3. Unbundled Services
    For those people who would like to represent themselves, we offer limited advice and assistance on an hourly basis. We offer limited scope representation to our clients and are happy to either work with you on a specific task, or to represent you on your entire case. The choice is yours. Contact us today to find out if limited scope representation would be the right fit for your case.